FSD International Co., Limited

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Name: Mr. Chen
Mobile: (+86)17728026368
E-mail: info@lotfuntoys.com
Add: No. 21 Beier Rd, Jiangxia, Baiyun Dict, Guanzghou, China.

Online service

Skype: ansonchan26
MSN: ansonchan26@hotmail.com
WeChat: qq564837107
QQ: 406378081
MSN: ansonchan26@hotmail.com Skype: ansonchan26 QQ: 406378081 info@lotfuntoys.com


-- Are you a factory or a trading company?
-- we are a factory (manufacturer).

-- How can I get a quotation?
-- Welcome to contact us by Email, Phone Call, Skype, WeChat, WhatsApp, Viber, etc.

-- How do I know that your product quality is good?
-- Quality is priority. We always put the quality controlling at the top important place. We’ve been in this field for over 10 years.

-- What are included for each product?
-- Standard accessories are included.

-- What is the MOQ of your products?
-- Our MOQ is low; for most of our products, the MOQ is 1 piece.

-- Can you make my own design?
-- Yes, we can customize various kinds of inflatables.

-- Can I have some logo or text on the products?
-- Yes. In addition, we can also custom the colors.

-- What's the lead time?
-- It depends on the exact items and quantity of your order. The lead time for a small order can be 2-6 days.

-- How do I pay?
-- You can choose to pay by T/T, Western union, LC, etc.

-- What shipping method you offer?
-- Shipping by sea, by air and by courier express, depending on the cargo packing as well as per client’s preference.

-- any warranty for your products?
-- Usually our products can last for 1-2 years (depends on exact item). In case it gets broken after long term use, you can use the repair kit to repair it.

Our Hot Products Ranges:

Inflatable Toy Balls
: Inflatable Bumper Ball, Zorb Ball, Water Walking Ball, Dance Ball, Giga Ball, Beach Ball, Water Roller Ball, etc.

Inflatable Bouncy Games: Inflatable Bouncer, Bouncy Castle, Bouncy Slide, Water Slide, Inflatale Tunnel, Inflatable Obstacle, Amusemenmt Park, etc.

Inflatable Water Toys: Inflatable Iceberg, Water Trampoline, Water Seesaw, Inflatable Water Obstacle, Inflatable Water Park, Inflatable Banana Boat, Electric Bumper Boat, Plastic Paddler Boat, etc;

Interactive Sport Toys: Inflatable Sports Fields, Inflatable Fighting Arena, Inflatable Football Field, Inflatable Bungee Run, Wrestling Sumo Suits, Inflatable Maze, Inflatable Race Track, etc;

Advertising Inflatables: Inflatable Air Dancer, Hydrogen / Helium Balloon, Ground Advertising Balloon, Inflatable Colume, Inflatable Arch Door, Inflatable Tent, Inflatable House, Inflatable Movie Screen, Inflatable Cartoon Model, Inflatable Walking Mascot, Inflatable Product Model, Lighting Inflatables, etc.

Holiday Decorations: Christmas Inflatable Character, Christmas Inflatable Decoration,  Halloween Inflatables, etc.

Party Mascot Costumes: Character Mascot Costume, Animal Costume, Christmas Costumes, etc.

Online service

MSN: ansonchan26@hotmail.com Skype: ansonchan26 406378081 info@lotfuntoys.com